Types of Abuse

  • Sexual abuse - Any sexual behavior performed without consent.
  • Physical abuse - This is the most recognized form of abuse by intentionally causing bodily injury. This may include hitting, kicking, strangulation, damage to property, use of a weapon etc.
  • Economic/financial abuse - To gain power and control over a partners finances by controlling the household budget and not letting the partner have access to their own bank account, or spending.
  • Emotional/verbal abuse - Where one partner seeks control over another by name calling, insults, jealousy, intimidation, humiliating, solation, controlling where a partner goes and what they do.
  • Any other controlling or abusive behavior which poses a threat to your safety, health, or wellbeing.

What You Can Do When You Are Being Abused

You have the right to:

  • Lay a criminal charge at the nearest police station and then apply for a protection order at the police station or magistrate’s court.

What is a protection order?

  • An order issued by a court at your request, ordering a person with whom you have had a domestic relationship, to stop the abuse.
  • It may also prevent the person from getting help from any other person to commit such acts.
  • An interim protection order can also be issued at any time of the day or night for your protection.

Who can apply for a protection order?

  • Any victim of domestic violence
  • Children, if they are too young, a parent or guardian, or any person acting on behalf of someone who is responsible for them, but with their permission
  • A police official