Other Initiatives

Support groups and counselling

We provide counselling services to survivors – we have fully qualified and registered counsellors who assist us with counselling services. With the assistance of our counsellors, we were able to establish the Empowerment Forum; and manage the support groups that make up the forum. Our current support group functions through a WhatsApp Group and we have seen great success with this. We also work on a referral system to various offices of Lifeline and Childline to help survivors with essential counselling services.

If you are interested in joining our virtual Support Group (WhatsApp group) please send us an email to info@epicfoundation.org.za. Only female survivors of gender-based violence are in the group. A counsellor is also included on this group to help with guidance and advice. The purpose of this group is for survivors to have a platform to speak to each other, and to find support with the healing process.

Legal advice and court preparations

Referrals are provided to rape survivors to prepare for their day in court. We have several lawyers and one advocate, providing pro-bono advice services.

Self-defense workshops

It is important to empower individuals from our communities with the skills and techniques that they can use to get out of potentially dangerous situations. Epic Foundation uses a network of highly skilled instructors to provide self-defence training throughout the year.

Education and awareness campaigns

Education and awareness campaigns about rape are presented to various groups, including schools – what do you do when you are raped, the importance of DNA evidence, preventing HIV Aids after rape, the effects of ARVs and the importance of taking them, etc.

Motivational Talks

The EPIC foundation also provides motivational talks to individuals who are survivors of rape and abuse. Alta McMaster is the key motivational speaker, and she uses her life story – Turning Violation into Victory – as the focal point of her talks. Alta draws on her experiences to inspire and motivate individuals to stand up and speak out as part of their healing process. The objective of the talk is to motivate and to let people know that they are not alone, and that they are not to blame. Through these talks and services of the Foundation survivors are introduced to the groups, so that they have a point of contact when in need. Valuable information is also shared so that people have easy access to information should they find themselves in a crisis.