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The EPIC Foundation

The EPIC Foundation is a Gauteng-based non-profit organisation, founded by Alta McMaster in 2013.

Alta has been through many traumatic life experiences, including being a survivor of a rape. This has led her to gain a deep understanding of the societal need to empower survivors which includes women, children, and men. Alta's experience of Turning Violation into an Epic Victory can be read on My Story

Since 2010, the EPIC Foundation has been supporting survivors of Gender Based Violence (GBV) in Gauteng through the Comfort Pack project. Over the last decade Epic Foundation has assisted over 60 000 survivors from small victim empowerment centres that are linked to the police stations, to larger rape crisis/trauma centres and hospitals. Although our Comfort Pack Project remains our main project, we also have counselling and support groups, referrals for legal advice and court preparation, education and awareness campaigns, motivational talks, our Step-Up Project (skills development) and our Fairy Godmother Project (assistance to matric students with year-end dance outfits). Our Charities4Change is a networking platform for non-profits in Gauteng.

Fully registered NPC
Registration number 2013/070101/08
BBBEE status
Level 1 - African 74 %, Indian 10%, Coloured 10%, White 6%
Tax exempt
18A certificate can be issued
Audit company
PwC (pro-bono)
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082 940 6230
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Our Vision

Empowering survivors of gender-based violence (GBV) – women, children, and men.

Our Mission

We live in a society where an increasingly high number of South Africans are exposed to trauma, crime, unemployment, and other socio-economic challenges. Gender based violence has become a pandemic that seems to be chipping away at the fabric of society. It is our mission to provide comfort, support, and the tools to empower these individuals to move from victims to Victors.