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The main objective of the EPIC Foundation will be the management of various projects and initiatives aimed at assisting victims of rape and abuse, which will include women in shelters. Other ad hoc projects will also be undertaken to help people in crisis and support other charities.
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“When spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion” - Ethiopian Proberb

Charities4Change is a charity networking initiative. We give organizations an opportunity to promote what they do in the community. The aim is also for all organizations to be open with regards to helping and supporting each other. It is only when we stand together and work together that we can have a bigger impact on our communities. Our aim is also to invite organization who can benefit charity organization to attend, these range from CSR representatives of large corporates to individuals who support charities, as well as the media.

Since we started we have had absolutely amazing organizations join and we have met the most amazing people doing the most incredible work out there.

We also have a WhatsApp group set up where any organization post requests for assistance, support, urgent needs, etc. There is tremendous benefit belonging to this group, with help, quite literally at your fingertips.


Leadership and skills development for young people
Contact: Julio Johnson
Email: juelzjohnz@gmail.com or 3dacademybenoni@gmail.com
Tel: 062 106 3443
Website: www.3dacademybenoni.com
Africa Food for Thought  
We feed over 18 000 children in support of education across the West Rand
Contact: Kate Jacobs
Email: info@afft.org.za
Tel: 011 472 5727 / 073 251 7754
Website: www.afft.org.za
Afrika Tikkun  
Child Poverty and Youth Unemployment
Contact: Marie Ndlovu / Onyin Nwaneri
Email: admindev@afrikatikkun.org
Tel: Marie: 084 098 8964 Onyin: 083 406 2444
Website: www.afrikatikkun.org
Ahanang Foundation
Youth empowerment project including gender based violence education and awareness and Skills Development
Contact: Snowy Moeketsi
Email: ahanangfoundation12@gmail.com
Tel: 072 931 9723
Website: none
Alpha Trauma Centre (Vaal Triangle)
Assistance to women and children who are victims of crime and violence
Contact: Brahm van der Merwe
Email: csw@alphatc.org
Tel: 082 452 0197
Website: alphacentre.wixsite.com/rapesupport
Our focus is on hiv awareness , child welfare, substance abuse, GBV and mental health
Contact: Gathel Moyo
Email: ambassadors4achange@gmail.com
Tel: 083 587 3965 / 083 704 3206
Website: www.ambassadors4change.org.za
Feeding and bringing hope to homeless people in Jhb CBD. Providing closes, Cv's, medical care, blanktets, etc
Contact: Marihet Infantino / Nadine Mason
Email: marihetinfo@amcare.org.za
Tel: Marihet: 079 903 9660   Nadine: 076 338 5478
Website: www.amcare.org.za
Angels Baby Sanctuary
A home for abandoned babies
Contact: Ann Ebrahim
Email: anne@angelsbaby.org
Tel: 081 049 6228
Website: www.angelsbaby.org
ArkStar Kidz Club
The mission of ArkStar Kidz Club is to raise funds for transformation riders and create an opportunity for our youth to learn, grow and participate in equestrian sport in South Africa, increasing both sport participation rates and healthy development of youth as well as career options for their future.
Contact: Taneil Arkner
Email: office@arkstar.co.za
Tel: 082 449 6663
Website: www.arkstar.co.za
Baby Box Project
The Baby Box Project serves to impart hope to new moms who have given birth in government hospitals, and to offer kindness and support in their moment of deepest vulnerability. We personally hand out our starter packs filled with essential toiletries, new clothing and a blanket. Our aim is to affirm the value of every little baby born, no matter the circumstances.
Contact: Lena Clark
Email: info@babyboxproject.co.za
Tel: 082 569 4195
Website: www.babyboxproject.co.za
To educate, train and guide young visionaries to grow into fashion industry leaders.
Contact: Palesa Kubu
Email: info@bastille.co.za
Tel: 072 277 1067
Website: www.basadipele.co.za
Beanies for Beings
With our motto of : transformation - kindness - love - growth, we strive to assist the community with one loving deed of kindness at a time, wherever there is a need that we can fill, through donations or knitting for specific causes.
Contact: Megan Botha
Email: beaniesforbeings@outlook.com
Tel: 079 089 3739
Website: m.facebook.com/BeaniesforBeings
Berea-Hillbrow Home of Hope
To end child trafficking in South Africa and the culture of exploitation and violence which robs children of their future. To restore safety, dignity and opportunity to those who have survived abuse. Home of Hope for Girls provides a safe residence to children and teens facing abusive situations. -predominantly linked to child sex trafficking. Offering compassion and acceptance, we are firm in our belief that a girl's background does not define her future, and that given the chance she has the potential to lead her community.
Contact: Khanyisile Motsa
Email: infohomehopeoffice01@gmail.com
Tel: 073 250 2086 / 010 900 0855
Website: www.homeofhopeforfirls.org.za
We aim to provide a positive, interactive platform for SA's rising stars to share their success stories and appeal for assistance or support from our amazing community in achieving even further heights.
Contact: Nanine Levitz
Email: betonbetter@mweb.co.za
Tel: 083 676 6188
Website: facebook.com/Bet-on-Better-112829653614617
Beyond the Silence
We teach adults how to keep children safe from trauma caused by violence, sexual abuse and exploitation.
Contact: Deborah Ho Chung
Email: info@deborah.co.za
Tel: 082 490 5260
Website: www.beyondthesilence.co.za
A confidential, loving alternative to abortion and birthright we care.
Contact: Isla Bolton
Email: islabolton@mweb.co.za
Tel: 082 600 5465
Website: www.birthright.co.za
Boithuto Community Project
Build, insulate and furnish homes in a squatter camp and provide a solar light. Feed children and elderly everyday
Contact: Tracey le Roux
Email: hazard3@telkom.sa.net
Tel: 082 931 7452
Website: www.boithuto.co.za
Books and Bra's Education Support
We are about education and support
Contact: Jax, Jessica and Allyssa Powel
Email: booksbras@gmail.com
Tel: 083 308 5461
Website: None
Broken Wings
Day care centre for adults with disabilities Monday to Friday with 2meals per day keep them busy with different crafts.
Contact: Marietjie Stols or Cheryl Swanepoel
Email: brokenwings@absamail.co.za
Tel: 072 998 7767 / 011 869 3415/011 907 6743
Website: www.brokenwings.za.net
Build the Future
We focus on feeding and educating children, in Container Preschools that we set up in grassroots areas.
Contact: Phillip Shapiro
Email: buildthefuture1@gmail.com
Tel: 082 343 8886
Website: www.buildthefuture.org.za
Cadena South Africa
Humanitarian aid for natural disasters and extreme weather - we also focus on prevention, training and community resilience.
Contact: Mendy Grauman
Email: director.sa@cadena.ngo
Tel: 082 893 7233
Website: www.cadena.ngo/en/southafrica
Cansa East Rand
CANSA's purpose is to lead the fight against cancer in South Africa by offering a unique and integrated service to the public and all people affected by cancer
Contact: Tamara Wittstock
Email: twittstock@cansa.org.za
Tel: 083 400 3223
Website: www.cansa.org.za
Animal rescue services/animal shelter
Contact: Rene Parker
Email: reneparker4@gmail.com
Tel: 083 414 6144
Website: www.facebook.com/cause4pawsnpc/
Central Gauteng Mental Health Society (CGMHS)
Mental health services
Contact: Bhengukazi Shongwe
Email: bhengu@witsmhs.co.za or generalmanager@witsmhs.co.za
Tel: 011 614 9890/ 0814535770
Website: www.cgmhs.org.za
Child Welfare Germiston
Child Protection Services – statutory services
Contact: Barbara Bouwer
Email: info@childwelfaregermiston.org.za
Tel: 082 804 8376
Website: www.childwalfaregermiston.org.za
Child Welfare SA Geluksdal/Tsakane
Protect and Promote the development, interest, safety and well-being of children between the ages of 0-18, within the context of family and community to safeguard the rights of children.
Contact: Melinda Cupido
Email: geluksdalcw@gmail.com
Tel: 082 973 2091
Website: None
Childline Gauteng
Professional psycho-social services strengthening families and children. After hours placement, by SAPS of abused, abandoned and severely neglected children.
Contact: Lynne Cawood / Jolene Delport
Email: directorgauteng@childline.org.za or jolened@childline.org.za
Tel: Lynne: 082 553 0844 Jolene: 076 572 0943 - 24/7 Toll Free number 08000 55555 - office: 011 645 2000
Website: www.childlinegauteng.co.za
Choc Childhood Cancer Foundation SA
Supporting children with cancer and life-threatening blood disorders; and their families; improving early detection and facilitating effective treatment
Contact: Adri Ludick
Email: Adri.Ludick@choc.org.za
Tel: 082 381 7524
Website: www.choc.org.za
COMPAS (Community Provision and Social Services)
Care for woman and children from dis-advantaged backgrounds.
Contact: Denise De wee
Email: Denise@compass.org.za
Tel: 082 784 3165
Website: None
Connecting4Good NPC
4G works with corporates to assist with their CSR Investments. We present corporates with local community initiatives that suit their culture, budget and requirements. Connecting4Good manages the selected partnerships from beginning to end making sure that finances are spent in the best way possible to achieve ongoing sustainability for the projects and communities.
Contact: Judi Tipograph / Allen Kirungi
Email: allen@connecting4good.co.za or judy@connecting4good.co.za
Tel: Judy: 082 348 4399 - Alan: 071 888 7888
Website: www.connecting4good.co.za
Conquest for Life
To be a self-sustaining youth organization, run by young people, empowered to become agents of change by developing their identity, self-worth, and a sense of community.
Contact: Mr Glen Steyn
Email: glen@conquest.org.za
Tel: 011 473 1651
Website: www.conquest.org.za
Crown of Glory Mission
Hiv Testing Services, Condom Distribution, Decanting, Home Tracing and Pick up Point for the chronically ill patients
Contact: Pastor Moses Molefe
Email: crownofgloryhbc@gmail.com
Tel: 061 230 1611
Website: www.crownofglorymission.com
Building self worth in youth & educators as a core source of improved well being, personal effectiveness and improved performance.
Contact: Charles Marriott - Tumi Mamlo
Email: charles@deliver.org.za or tumi@deliver.org
Tel: Charles: 073 505 4645 Tumi: 071 121 4740
Website: www.naledishine.org
Dignity Dreams
We manufacture and distribute washable, eco friendly sanitary pads.
Contact: Sharon Gordon
Email: sharon@dignitydreams.com
Tel: 0861388832
Website: www.dignitydreams.com
Ei8ht is a co working space for the non profit sector based at The Children’s Memorial Institute. Ei8ht offer industry specific training and consolations.
Contact: Karen Landi
Email: karen@ei8ht.co.za
Tel: 082 905 7441
Website: www.facebook.com/ei8htcommunity/
Empowervate Trust/Youth Citizens Action Programme
Empowering and motivating the next generation of values-driven active citizens and social entrepreneurs
Contact: Amanda Blankfield-Koseff
Email: amanda@empowervate.org
Tel: 079 080 8474
Website: www.empowervate.org
End of Life Support Alliance
To support individuals and practitioners through terminal illness and in death and dying
Contact: Keshnie Mathi
Email: info@endoflifesa.com
Tel: 061 462 7419
Website: www.endoflifesa.com
Epic Foundation
Empowering survivors of rape and abuse through various projects and initiatives.
Contact: Alta McMaster
Email: info@epicfoundation.org.za
Tel: 082 940 6230
Website: www.epicfoundation.org.za
Feed a Child
Eradicate poverty in a sustainable manner
Contact: Alza Rautenbach
Email: alza@feedachild.co.za
Tel: 082 322 6815
Website: feedachild.co.za
Fight With Insight
Fight with insight is about fitness, food, friends and family, feelings and fun.
Contact: TK
Email: tsakie74@gmail.com
Tel: 081 556 8883
Website: www.fightwithinsight.org
Flying for Life
Flying for Life is a Public Benefit Organisation that aims to sustainably uplift isolated communities in South Africa through aviation.
Contact: Samantha Somdle
Email: info@flyingforlife.co.za
Tel: 082 304 1067
Website: www.flyingforlife.co.za
GRIP - Rape Intervention Programme (Nelspruit)
Greater Rape Intervention Programme. Assisting women and children to deal with the ordeal of abuse.
Contact: Sakina Mohamed
Email: Ceo@grip.org.za
Tel: 084 712 0085
Website: www.grip.org.za
Growing Up Without A Father South African Foundation
To give hope to the Fatherless and Boy Children
Contact: Charley Pietersen
Email: info@growingupwithoutafther.org.za
Tel: 083 388 7977
Website: www.growingupwithoutafather.org.za
Heart Reach Pregnancy Crisis centre
Virtual counselling centre for unwanted pregnancies and post abortion. School talks “Sex is a big deal” grade 7 -12. Be Safe. Grade 1 - 5
Contact: Shelly McLean
Email: heartreach@worldonline.co.za
Tel: 082 330 1437
Website: www.heartreach.co.za
Hope, Faith and Grace Community Project
Hope, Faith and Grace Community Project contributes towards the alleviation of poverty and the empowerment of people in local communities. Working closely with existing organisations, to assist youth mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically to become self-reliant and create sustainable futures for themselveves. Given the crises of a disaffected youth that is largely unemployed, Hope, Faith and Grace wants to focus its immediate resources on helping young people. We're starting out project in the East Rand, with a view to expanding it into as far across South Africa as possible.
Contact: Kerry-Leigh Wright
Email: kerry@hfgcp.org.za
Tel: 0721770489
Website: www.hfgcp.org.za
Hope for Women Development Programmes (HWDP)
Hope for Women Development Programmes. Food Security, Advocacy, Education, Women Rights, Skills Development(poverty alleviation) , HIV/AIDS, Environment, Peace and Security,
Contact: Tom Fikiri Masarara
Email: tomfikiri@gmail.com
Tel: 076 805 5896
Website: None
Hope of the Hopeless
We have a feeding scheme, we also see to underprivileged children, collect clothes shoes, toiletries and stationary, baby clothes as well
Contact: Margo Williams
Email: margowilliams15080@gmail.com
Tel: 084 661 0846 /067 931 8755
Website: xxx
Hope of Victims
Hope of victims vision is to alleviate poverty through education of the less privileged in society with focus on women and children
Contact: Ruth Mbale / Susan Mngadi
Email: info@hopeofvictims.co.za
Tel: Ruth: 081 022 2974 Susan: 071 954 3938
Website: www.hopeofvictims.co.za
Hope to Heal
Our Mission and Vison is to build safer communities by helping individuals make their way through conflict and crises, to a place of strength and stability. For every person to live free from violence and abuse. Our goal is to restore dignity and healing to victims and survivors of Human Trafficking, GVB and Child abuse. To show survivors that they are important, loved and deserve to live free from violence and abuse. We are committed to supporting victims and survivors on their journey to healing and becoming leaders in society and fostering a lasting positive impact in South Africa.
Contact: Seema Naidoo
Email: seema@hopetoheal.org.za
Tel: 078 906 7461
Website: www.hopetoheal.org.za
Hotel Hope Ministries
We offer interim loving and safe care to orphaned and abandoned babies and children, and in our two children’s homes in Melville, Johannesburg we work with childcare professionals to prepare them for adoption into forever families.
Contact: Oliver Quambush / Norma Corrie
Email: oliver@hotelhopeministries.org or love@hotelhopeministries.org
Tel: Oliver: 073 809 3600
Website: www.hotelhopeministires.org
House of Hadassah
Gives a home, education and training, love and mentoring to young girls who have aged out of orphanages and children's homes. We aspire that their future will not depend on their past.
Contact: Lindsey Lefebure
Email: lindsey@houseofhadassah.org.za
Tel: 084 603 6107
Website: www.houseofhadassah.org.za
i4118 Foundation
Raising Boys to be Amazing Gentleman and Girls to be Gracious Ladies
Contact: Gavin Meyers / Elizabeth Browne
Email: gavin.meyers@i4118.org or alberton.ch@racter.co.za
Tel: 083 282 2658 / 083 266 6062 / Office 011 026 1711
Website: www.i4118.org
Johannesburg Dream Centre
Jhb Dream Centre is a non-profit company aimed at poverty alleviation by means of immediate relief projects, empowering adults to find meaningful employment as well as inspiring the youth to stay in school and follow their dream career paths. We also run a monthly grocery and children's project where we provide educational games and lunch to children growing up in poverty. Our seasonal projects are Christmas shoe boxes, stationery for children in need as well as helping low-cost day care centres.
Contact: Alicia-Charne Swanepoel
Email: alicia@johannesburgdreamcenter.org
Tel: 072 954 7974
Website: www.johannesburgdreamcenter.org
Johannesburg Mini & Junior Council
We run a leadership programme with the Grade 7’s and Grade 11's, developing leadership skills through community work.
Contact: Avril Gork / Avril R
Email: jhbminicouncil@telkomsa.net
Tel: Avril Gork: 083 953 3903 / Avril Rebeck 082 852 5804
Website: www.joburgminicouncil.co.za
JT Comms African Media Resource Centre of Excellence T/A EC Africa
Operating as Entrepreneur Connect Africa (EC Africa) and registered under JT Comms African Media Resource Centre of Excellence, the NPO aims to be a catalyst that links need to resources and vice versa. Our organisation’s core driver is the immense need to address socially impactful matters and at the same time, promote and empower entrepreneurs whose offerings are a solution to these issues.
Contact: Dee’s Harilal
Email: dees@jtcomms.co.za
Tel: 0839546133
Website: www.jtcomms.co.za
We exist to inspire and help people to make 'doing good' a way of life, by sharing easy and doable 'how to's and creating impactful fundraising and awareness events and campaigns.
Contact: Petra Laranjo
Email: inspire@justonething365.com
Tel: 082 497 3347
Website: www.justonething365.com
Kgomotso Children Centre
KCC it's a drop in centre offering educational... psychological....sports. Arts and culture. Feeding scheme to the vulnerable and orphan children and youth.
Contact: Kgomotso Nyalango
Email: kkgomtso@yahoo.com
Tel: 065 822 0596
Website: www.kcc-soshanguve.org
Khensani's Collection
Khensani’s Collection is a math & science after school program for teens in Diepsloot.
Contact: Diana Musara
Email: diana@khensaniscollection.org
Tel: 082 900 2329
Website: www.khensaniscollection.org.za
Kids Haven
Protection and care of vulnerable children, including street children.
Contact: Susan Daly
Email: sued@kidshaven.co.za
Tel: 083 442 7717
Website: www.kidshaven.co.za
Kindness Like Confetti
Our main projects are collecting and distributing menstrual pads for school girls, collecting bras for women in need, providing food for the needy and giving jerseys and other knitted items to orphaned and abandoned babies and children.
Contact: Claire Duvel
Email: info@kindness.org.za
Tel: 072 675 1536
Website: www.kindness.org.za
Kingsway Centre of Concern
Cater for extremely disadvantaged children from the Zandspruit Informal Settlement with education and care.
Contact: Lara Lotter / Marelise Bekkeri
Email: support@kingsway.org.za or marelise21@gmail.com
Tel: Marelise: 082 379 0160
Website: www.kingsway.org.za
Kungwini Welfare Organisation
Kungwini Welfare Organisation is the umbrella for different Business units, such as House for disabled known as Paul Jungnickle Home, KECDC Creche, Community Development and our Nickel Christmas Market known as NXM
Contact: Manuela Loubser
Email: marketing@kwo.org.za
Tel: 074 566 0005 AND 082 062 8615
Website: www.facebook.com/kungwini/
Lawyers against abuse
Provides integrated legal and psychosocial support for victims of gender-based violence.
Contact: Lindsay Henson
Email: lindsay.henson@lva.org.za
Tel: 072 031 1840
Website: www.lva.org.za
Life Choices
Life Choices is a Non-profit organization whereby we aim to empower, encourage and equip women who are pregnant, women with children and women who have suffered an overwhelming loss through abortion, miscarriage and stillbirth.
Contact: Monique Nezar
Email: admin@lifechoicesbenoni.co.za
Tel: 074 953 9106
Website: www.lifechoicesbenoni.co.za
Lifeline Vaal
LifeLine is a people orientated organisation focused on building the wellbeing of the community and the individual
Contact: Colleen Rogers
Email: director@lifelinevaal.co.za
Tel: 082 401 2296
Website: www.Lifelinevaal.co.za
Little League Camp S.A NPC
The Little League Camp S.A (LLCSA) is a non-profit organisation focused on improving the moral identity of being a child in a community. The organisation was founded in June 2018 by a thirteen year old girl and a 15 year old boy from Soweto- South Africa. Because of this social ills amongst children it became the mission of the organisation to mobilize a campaign that not only focuses on the effects of bullying on our future leaders but also attempts to address and curb the causes fuelling this horrific act by introducing outdoor camping as a tool to equip our children with life changing skills.
Contact: Malefa Mel Tlhapi
Email: Mel@littleleaguecamps.org
Tel: 083 982 1224
Website: www.littleaguecampsa.org
Love Justice South Africa
We work in intercepting potential victims of trafficking at points of entry into the country as well as rescue and assist victims.
Contact: Briony Fickling
Email: cyan@lovejustice.ngo
Tel: 065 843 1668
Website: www.lovejustice.ngo
Marian Rose Foundation
We fund and facilitate specialised medical treatment for children who cannot afford it.
Contact: Kay Ross / Karen Eeles
Email: admin@marianrosefoundation.org.za
Tel: Kay: 083 450 6075 Karen: 082 778 8881
Website: www.marianrosefoundation.org.za
Meals on Wheels (Walkerville)
Delivery of food parcels / grocery hampers to families in need
Contact: Veronese Els
Email: manaccare01@gmail.com
Tel: 074 468 3314
Website: www.facebook.com/groups/656945447727385/
Musa Mohau
Education & elderly. We provide the needs of learners and elderly (e.g. food, toiletries, training, etc
Contact: Audrey Legodi
Email: legodiha@tut.ac.za
Tel: 060 603 2575
Website: www.musamohau.com
Nambikkai Foundation
Poverty alleviation
Contact: Karen Siolal (GAU) / Dean Nair (KZN)
Email: karen@nambikkai.org.za or dean@nambikkai.org.za
Tel: 073 885 6540 / 083 661 7925
Website: nambikkai.org.za
National Freedom Network
The NFN uses strategic netwroking, partnership and collaboration to bring about effective and tangible change in the fight against Human Trafficking.
Contact: Diane Wilkinson / Marina Reyneke
Email: diane@nfn.org.za or marina@nfn.org.za
Tel: Diane: 073 773 1709 Marina: 082 259 8056
Website: www.nationalfreedomnetwork.co.za
Nkosi Haven
Accommodated at the Nkosi’s Haven Village, Nkosi’s Haven is a long term residential care for destitute HIV/AIDS infected moms, their children and AIDS orphans. The children may or may not be infected.
Contact: Gail Johnson
Email: director@nkosishaven.org
Tel: 082 593 1999
Website: www.nkosishaven.org
Oasis Haven
Oasis Haven is an Orphanage based in Johannesburg. Our vision is to care for abandoned children, place them in families and equip others to do the same.
Contact: Beverley Beukes
Email: bev@oasishaven.org
Tel: 082 870 9305
Website: oasishaven.org
Onecross Ministry
Building and Supporting a Unified Community!!
Contact: Eugene van Straten
Email: eugenevs@onecross.co.za
Tel: 063 390 8886
Website: www.onecross.co.za
Open Disclosure
We offering psychosocial support, prevention and awareness programs to the victims and survivors of gender based violence since February 2002.
Contact: Dolly Gaelesiwe
Email: dolly@opendisclosure.org.za
Tel: 063 232 5020
Website: www.opendisclosure.org.za
Optimystic Bikers Against Abuse
The main focus is healing from trauma and abuse.
Contact: Celeste Louw
Email: info@optimystic.za.net
Tel: 071 427 0187
Website: www.optimystic.za.net
Pad Princess
Affiliated to Kindness Like Confetti
Collect and distribute sanitary pads, mainly to keep girls in school. Also supply to needy new moms and abuse victims.
Contact: Jenny Laas
Email: jenny@kindness.org.za
Tel: 082 963 8239
Website: www.kindness.org.za
Park Passions Football Club
A youth empowerment program through sports and other initiatives.
Contact: Tebogo Gumbi / Thato Lekgali
Email: parkpassions@gmail.com
Tel: Tebogo: 078 490 3693 Thato 074 212 1345
Website: web.facebook.com/parkpassions/
Phronesis Students Development Trust NPC/NPO
Early Childhood Development, Primary Basic Education Support, Aftercare, Women & Youth Development
Contact: Tsitsi Sekgobela / Fairness
Email: info@pronesis.org.za or tsitsisekgobela@gmail.com
Tel: Tsitsi: 081 207 7135 Fairness 074 220 3038
Website: www.phronesis.org.za
Pieter Kruger Foundation
The Pieter Kruger Foundaion's main focus is on social development, social transformation and empowerment of individuals from socially disadvantage communities through skills development and education and various community projects. Our main projects are the Free Cooking and Baking Programme, Business and Entrepreneurship Programme. Music Programme (Trumpet, Piano, Vocals and Music Producing), HIV/AIDS Awareness & Support. Girl2Women Project, Youth Info Expo and Computer Training Programme.
Contact: Charmaine
Email: charmaine@openyourheart.co.za
Tel: 073 022 1924
Website: www.openyourheart.co.za
Purposeful Woman Foundation
PWF is an organisation that is driving community awareness for gender based violence and related psychosocial issue, ensuring healing to victims and helping the helpless at all cost.
Contact: Paulinah Adeleke
Email: paulinah.adeleke@gmail.com
Tel: 072 842 9166
Website: None
Quegal Restoration and Refuge Centre
Restoration of Destitute People
Contact: Qeuntin Koeberg
Email: quegalgroup@telkomsa.net
Tel: 083 678 4100
Website: www.qrrc.org.za
Quick-Silver Boys Club
To provide critical programs essential for young boys to the progress of humanity as well as emphasize healthy forms of masculinity that promote strength without violence, bias or discrimination for self and others.
Contact: Lebo Hlaha
Email: quicksilverboysclub@gmail.com
Tel: 072 790 3956
Website: facebook.com/QS-Boys-Club-477152193098110
Rainbow Nation Animals
To improve the wellbeing of domestic animals and their owners residing in informal settlements, through a sustainable, holistic primary health care project with continuous owner education, assistance and support working within their means.
Contact: Helen Taylor
Email: helen@net1.co.za
Tel: 082 553 7700
Website: facebook.com/RNAnimals/
Rare Diseases South Africa
Empowerment for rare disease patients through improved advocacy, navigation and patient support
Contact: Kelly du Plessis / Jen McLean / Megan Hunter
Email: info@rarediseases.co.za
Tel: 072 623 6763
Website: www.rarediseases.co.za
Rays of Hope (Imisebe Yethemba t/a Rays of Hope)
Partnering with Alexandra to create lasting change
Contact: Sihle Mooi
Email: sihle@raysofhope.co.za
Tel: 076 562 3429
Website: www.raysofhope.co.za
Refilwe Community Project T/A LIV Lanseria
We place orphaned and vulnerable children into a family environment with trained foster parents to love them, schooling opportunities that meet their needs, and spiritual mentors to disciple them. We also operate extensive community programs focusing on improving educational outcomes for children in informal settlements around Lanseria.
Contact: Lelanie Britz
Email: admin@refilwe.org
Tel: 073 251 7754
Website: www.refilwe.org
Remar South Africa
We work through the Love of God and one another, to rebuild healthy families, by helping the homeless, abused women with their children, and rehabilitate drug and alcohol addicts.  We are looking for help towards the upliftment of poverty.
Contact: Pastor John Guerra / Rita Guerra
Email: remarrsa@gmail.com or remarsapr@gmail.com
Tel: 072 625 6425 / 079 967 9115 / office 011 435 1725
Website: facebook.com/remarsouth
Ripple Reading
To assist children who are struggling to read at Foundation Phase (Gr 1-3) by enabling them to read with understanding at grade-level.
Contact: Riana
Email: riana@ripplereading.co.za
Tel: 082 412 6896
Website: www.ripplereading.co.za
SA Cares for Life’s /Pack a shoebox
Caring for orphaned and vulnerable children
Contact: Sanet Fagan / Marlize
Email: admin@sacares.co.za or sanet@sacares.co.za
Tel: Marlize: 082 565 7203 Sanet: 060 997 5257
Website: www.sacares.co.za
San Michele
Caring for 180 mentally disabled and 20 Psychiatric people.
Contact: Marius Bosman
Email: marius@sanmichele.co.za
Tel: 082 904 8852
Website: www.sanmichele.co.za
Save A Life 30 to 2
Do training and from that it allows us to train the less fortunate.
Contact: Mandy Burger
Email: mandy@savealife30to2.co.za
Tel: Mandy: 079 708 4256
Website: None
Shaken and Abused Babies Initiative
Our organisation is focused on child protection and managing cases of child abuse between relevant stakeholders and governmental bodies.
Contact: Luke Lamprecht / Talia-Jane Magnes
Email: sithanda.welove@gmail.com
Tel: 065 168 2971 / 079 859 5714
Website: www.babiesmatter.co.za
Silent Rights
Women standing togethr against Domestic Abuse
Contact: Chantelle Morrison
Email: info@silentrights.co.za
Tel: 076 817 4785
Website: www.silentrights.co.za
SOS Children's Villages South Africa
We work to keep families together, provide alternative, family- like care when needed, support young people on their path to independence, and advocate for the rights of children.
More than 5000 children, young people and their families are supported throughout SA.
Contact: Mandy Spies
Email: mandy.spies@sos.org.za
Tel: 083 355 7282
Website: www.sossouthafrica.org.za
South African Male Survivors Of Sexual Abuse
South Africa Male Survivors of sexual abuse endeavours to serve as a resource and referral centre, providing information, support and training for victims, affected individuals and organisations in a safe, non-judgemental structure.
Contact: Rees Man
Email: admin@samsosa.org
Tel: 083 325 2141
Website: www.samsosa.org
Stand and Shine Women SA
To improve the lives of women, mainly bereaved women, widows, the poor and single mothers and orphans. Supporting women of all races and beliefs.
Contact: Fifitha Mbuku
Email: sshineministries@gmail.com
Tel: 073 854 3183
Strathyre Girls Home - Salvation Army
Strathyre Girls Home is a place of safety for girls between ages 3 to 18 years and it is within this secure and loving home environment that the administrator and her staff make sure their past hurts are being addressed by professional people.
Contact: Laurine Rennick
Email: services@strathyregirlshome.co.za
Tel: 073 404 6317
Website: www.strathyregirlshome.org.za
Sunshine Association
Sunshine Centre Association offers a day-care centre for Children with Disabilities, ages 18 months – 7 years old. Three day-care centres, Craighall, Elsburg & Eldorado Park.
Contact: Shannon O'Keefe
Email: craighall@sunshine.org.za
Tel: 083 973 0422
Website: www.sunshine.org.za
Sweethearts Foundation
rovide Wheelchairs to those in need
Contact: Leigh Ferreira cc: Jessica Gordon
Email: jessica@sweetheartsfoundation.org or leigh@sweetheartsfoundation.org
Tel: 071 170 0634 Jessica
Website: sweetheartsfoundation.org
Thabisa Baby House
Caring for abandoned babies on the road to adoption
Contact: Cindy Neilson
Email: office@thabisababyhouse.co.za
Tel: 011 866-2045 / 083 287 6144
Website: www.thabisababyhouse.co.za
The Almond Tree
The Almond Tree is a registered Child & Youth Care centre located in Cloverdene, Benoni. They place abandoned babies and vulnerable children into a family environment where they receive unconditional love, spiritual discipleship, care and nurture, ensuring that all their physical, emotional and mental needs are met.
Contact: Zina Rotherham - Development Manager
Email: zina@thealmondtree.co.za
Tel: 065 300 2601
Website: www.thealmondtree.co.za
The Angel Network
We offer help where help is needed, by giving a hand up as opposed to a handout
Contact: Glynne Wolman / Hayley Glasser
Email: glynne@theangelnetwork.co.za
Tel: Glynne: 083 777 1621
Website: None
The Character Company
To help raise boys to be good men with strong values, positively impacting families, communities and society, via a long-term Mentorship program.
Contact: Jaco van Schalwyk / Fatima Solomons
Email: ch@racter.co.za
Tel: Jaco: 010 590 3102 Fatima: 066 235 1020/084 777 7114
Website: www.thecharactercompany.co.za
The Compassionate Friends - Johannesburg Chapter
Offering support and counselling to bereaved parents/grandparents and siblings
Contact: Debbie James
Email: tcfsa@mweb.co.za
Tel: 011 440 6322 / 084 332 1876
Website: www.compassionatefriends.co.za
The Grace Factory
The Grace Factory is a registered Non-profit Organisation that aims to help moms and babies in need, our heart and vision for The Grace Factory is that no mother delivers a baby in our communities without having the basic baby essentials for herself and her baby during the first few weeks of her new-born baby’s life.
Contact: Sarah Cressey
Email: info@thegracefactory.co.za
Tel: 084 209 7112
Website: www.thegracefactory.co.za
The living link
Training Centre for intellectually disabled adults. We train life skills, independent living skills with an overarching focus on work readiness. On completion of the training we then try and place graduates in the open labour market.
Contact: Stanley Bawden (Managing Director)
Email: stanley@thelivinglink.co.za
Tel: 082 923 2927
Website: www.thelivinglink.co.za
The Meeka Foundation
The Meeka Foundation is a registered NPO, the purpose of The Meeka Foundation is simply to garner much needed help from enterprises who can assist and use our time and passion to bring help to woman, children and the aged, from all walks of life, as they are the most vulnerable and desolate members of most communities. It is often that their struggles and plights get lost in the noise of everyday lives of those more privileged.
Contact: Anjothi Naidoo
Email: jodie@themeekafoundation.co.za
Tel: 083 254 8012
Website: www.themeekafoundation.org.za
The Rise Missions
To train, develop and empower leaders and believers for missions and evangelism in Africa and beyond.
Contact: Rachel Modise / Isaac Modise
Email: rachelmmodise@gmail.com
Tel: 072 176 2277
Website: www.facebook.com/The-Rise-Mission-Conference-718978288163765/
The Slovo Centre of Excellence
A Toy Library which supports our surrounding community of ECD Centre's, Informal creches, primary and high school children through play-based educational support programmes. Additional services include food relief and nutrition support, volunteer development and Digital Literacy
Contact: Debbie Cockrell / Lorraine Cockrell
Email: cockrelldebbie722@gmail.com or lorrainecockrell@neomail.co.za
Tel: Debbie: 073 260 4397 Lorraine: 073 726 4602
Website: www.slovocentre.co.za
The Teddy Bear Clinic T/A Teddy Bear Foundation
Love and support for abused children and their families
Contact: Dalene Bishop
Email: daleneb@ttbc.org.za
Tel: 083 469 9196
Website: www.ttbc.org.za
The Topsy Foundation NPC
Topsy supports Early Childhood Development in Mpumalanga’s rural communities through a number of key child-centred approaches
Contact: Sarah Du Toit
Email: sarah.dutoit@topsy.org.za
Tel: 011 709 6806
Website: www.topsy.org.za
The Union of Jewish Women
Daily aftercare and feeding scheme in Alex, sewing school for unemployed men and women, monthly food parcels and a daily soup kitchen and bags for new babies.
Contact: Vanessa Weltman
Email: projects@ujw.co.za
Tel: 073 221 6570
Website: www.ujw.co.za
Thutong Learning Centre
As the world becomes more technologically advanced, knowledge of math and science has become more critical for students to learn in order to prepare themselves for the 21st century professions. Despite this need South African students have fallen behind their international counterparts and the fields of math and science are not as popular as they once were. TLC is offering programs for STEM, which includes arts with the science, computers and mathematics
Contact: Douglas Moroke/Joyce Sesebo
Email: sekwati@yahoo.com
Tel: 424-361-8297
Website: www.thutonglc.org
Providing excellent, holistic, residential care to babies in need while championing their rapid, responsible placement into permanent, loving families
Contact: Pippa Jarvis
Email: pippa@tlc.org.za
Tel: 083 382 0603
Website: www.tlc.org.za
Tour de Walkerville & Walkerville Charity Network
The Tour de Walkerville is a fund raising event that support several local charities by holding an annual family fun walk on the 1st of May every year
2) The Walkerville Charity network is a mini local version of Charities for Change which interacts with the charities above during the course of the year to share donations, excess goods, ask for advise etc
Contact: Elaine Potgieter
Email: potgieters@net1.co.za
Tel: 082 573 2780
Website: www.facebook.com/Tourdewalkerville/
Tshepang Care Centre
We are a care centre that takes care of underprivileged and orphaned by means of feeding ,providing clothes, helping out with social development skills so as educational support
Contact: Thabo Lekoloane / Patience Ramashapa
Email: tshepangcarecentre@outlook.com
Tel: 078 953 3109 / 073 924 8929
Website: www.tshepangcarecenter.co.za
Tsohang Youth Project
Alcohol and drug abuse prevention, education, referrals and link
Contact: Isaac Mavuso/ Mr Moses Gama
Email: info@tsohangyouthproject.org.za
Tel: 076 278 3599
Website: www.tsohangyouthproject.org.za
Twilight Outreach
To help youth to exist the streets of Hillbrow to a place of safety, complete their education, teach new skills or find work.
Contact: Cathy MacDonald / Brian McDonald
Email: twilihtoutreach@gmail.com
Tel: Brian: 082 450 6499
Website: www.twilightchildren.co.za
Viva Foundation
Community development through education, poverty alleviation, the arts and sexual violence prevention and response.
Contact: Meleney Berry-Kriel
Email: meleney@viva-sa.co.za
Tel: 079 954 4426
Website: www.viva.sa.co.za
Vuka Skhokho
We are youth organisation that deals with drug and substance abuse awareness and prevention. We are about youth development.
Contact: Hella Ledwaba
Email: hellal@vukaskhokho.co.za
Tel: 068 061 6475
Website: vukaskhokho.co.za
We LEAD Africa
We offer full service ECD, home-work center for primary & high school students, assignment center to students doing distance learning and youth programs.
Contact: Fatima Solomons / Mandrious
Email: weleadafrica@outlook.com
Tel: 067 154 7693
Website: facebook.com/Weleadafrica
Woman Time to Flourish (WTTF)
We motivate inspire empower and counsel woeman and children from all walks of life, race, status and background. We are based in Krugersdorp DBD.
Contact: Abigirl Madau
Email: womanttflourish@gmail.com
Tel: 076 802 0201
Website: None
Women & Men Against child abuse/Alex Kidz Clinic/Alex SAPS
Women & Men Against Child Abuse has been extremely outspoken in its offensive against the abuse and victimisation of children. The organisation has been instrumental in raising awareness through advocacy campaigns, community outreach, roadshows, workshops and the media.
By breaking the silence surrounding the sexual and physical abuse of children and highlighting the inadequacies within government structures, the organisation has made great strides and effected positive change in many areas.
Contact: Elizabeth Mokoena
Email: elizabeth@wmaca.org
Tel: 083 601 3108
Website: www.wmaca.org
Women and Men Against Child Abuse
Providing free therapeutic and medical treatment to victims of child abuse as well as support through the judicial process
Contact: Kevin Barbeau
Email: kevin@wmaca.org
Tel: 082 307 1130
Website: www.wmaca.org
We teach yoga to school children so that they can cope better with the stresses of township living.
Contact: Dr Marianne Felix
Email: helloyoga2alex@gmail.com
Tel: 082 686 6575
Website: www.helloyoga4alex.co.za
Organisation is based near orange farm assisting the youth in the informal settlement with food, clothing, books etc.
Contact: Justice Myeni
Email: mdolombamnguni1@gmail.com
Tel: 081 707 4905
Whatsapp: 071 980 6871
Youth Alive Ministries
Youth alive Ministries is a youth development organization that aims to inspire the youth to influence and inform the decisions that can impact their lives and take themselves out from their circumstances in order to be an agent of transformation in their communities.
Contact: Mandisa
Email: mandisa@youthalive.co.za or mandisabuthelezi89@gmail.com
Tel: 061 700 3619
Website: www.youthalive.co.za
Youth Care Africa
I am the Managing Director / Project Manager and my sole intent is to help the youth help themselves to rise above life's many challenges, achieve their full potential and unleash the power within them.
Contact: Angie Rambaran
Email: youthcareafrica@gmail.com or angie.rambaran@gmail.com
Tel: 061 4499 007
Youth with Diabetes (YWD)
YWD helps children living with type 1 diabetes to manage their condition by running educational weekend camps
Contact: Kerry Kalweit
Email: k.kalweit@live.com
Tel: 083 277 8260
Website: www.youthwithdiabetes.com
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